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Genealogie Online.

Muse: calliope “lio” leatherwood.

Let op : Was ouder dan 65 jaar 68 toen kind Barbara Eisenhauer werd geboren maart Let op : Was ouder dan 65 jaar 66 toen kind Christine Jane Eisenhauer werd geboren 11 januari Let op : Was ouder dan 65 jaar 78 toen kind Frederick Eisenhauer werd geboren 15 juli Let op : Was ouder dan 65 jaar 73 toen kind John Peter Eisenhauer werd geboren 4 januari Let op : Was ouder dan 65 jaar 71 toen kind Margaret Eisenhauer werd geboren?? Elizabeth Graff Anna Margaret Dissinger Notes: He was the second son of Hans Nicholas Eisenhauer's first wife whose name remains unkonwn.

His older brother, Johannes, b.

Probably born in Weschnitz-Starkenberg, Hesse; however some records have his date of birth as in Forbach, Lorraine, Germany having confused him with one of his cousins, the eldest son of hisuncle, Johann Frederick, b. On the manifest of the Ship Europa he is listed as Johann Peter,age 25 in b.

Land records also show that he bought and sold a sonsiderable amount of land from time to time in the Blue Mountain range, Upper Paxtonand Bethel Townships. Occupation:Blacksmith, gunsmith andmerchant. He was constable of Bethel Twp. During the Revolutionary War,he contributed two buschels of wheat and some forage for the sustenance of Gen. Washington's troops at Valley Forge in He participated with Paxton's Rangers to the Wyoming Valley in a retaltatory raid on Indians encaaped there. Great-great-grandfather of D.

Took passage with father and family to Pennsylvania from Holland in Settled in Sesquehanna River Valley near York. Settled in Swatara,Lancaster [now Lebanon] Co. On 11 April ,he purchased his father's homestead from heirs in Swatara, Bethel Twp. Inhe sold acres in Upper Bethel Twp. According to Lancaster County land records, he bought and sold numerous tracts of land in foothills of the Blue Mountains and in Bethel Twp.

He married three times and was 78 at the time his youngest child was born. He had eight cildren by his first wife, one by the second and another eight by the third.

Liechtenstein - venues, concert halls and other places for concerts and various events

Some have him dying six days later while other records indicate 27 July Some sources have him born on 15 MarchForbach, France? Hans Peter was the son ot Hans Nicholas first wife of unknown name. Research: The location of his birth seems to be less precisely located than his siblings but Weschitz, Starkenburg, Hesse, is the place of birth in most records?

Notes: Ann was the great-great- grandmotherof D. She was blind the last three years of her life Her father or brother was Peter Dissisnger who had an early lease in Stumpstown [changed to Fredericksburg in ] Penn. This was the first Germanimmigrant ship in five years due to hostilities between England and France beteween and Familienkunde, Special Series Saarbruckenp. Heeft u aanvullingen, correcties of vragen met betrekking tot Johannes Peter Eisenhauer?

De auteur van deze publicatie hoort het graag van u! Hou me op de hoogte!

Fred haring

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Alhoewel gegevens veelal uit openbare archieven afkomstig zijn, levert het opzoeken, interpreteren, verzamelen, selecteren en ordenen van die gegevens een uniek werk op. Auteursrechtelijk beschermd werk mag niet zondermeer gekopieerd of herpubliceerd worden. Deze boodschap niet meer tonen.

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Doorzoek Wie onder zoekt wie? Doorzoek discussies Zoekterm. Doorzoek alle websites Zoekterm. Use the Taal menu to switch language. Bron 2 Let op : Was ouder dan 65 jaar 68 toen kind Barbara Eisenhauer werd geboren maart Voorouders en nakomelingen van Johannes Peter Eisenhauer.

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Hans Johann Peter Friedrich Eisenhauer Anna Brechenbach Hans Nicholas "Iron Cutter" Eisenhauer Johannes Peter Eisenhauer Peter Eisenhauer Maria Barbara Eisenhauer John Nicholas Eisenhauer George Michael Eisenhauer ???? Anna Margaretha Eisenhauer ????

John Frederick Eisenhauer George Phillip Philip Eisenhauer Maria Magdelena Eisenhauer ???? Anna Maria Elizabeth Eisenhauer Samuel Eisenhauer John Eisenhauer John Jacob Eisenhauer Catherine Eisenhauer Ann Eisenhauer Christine Jane Eisenhauer Barbara Eisenhauer Margaret Eisenhauer ????

John Peter Eisenhauer Frederick Eisenhauer Less Modified. Klik op de namen voor meer informatie.

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