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Sex Dates Rambouillet

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Neville, Jr. Chapman, A. Breed of sire differences among crossbred lambs at birth were determined from a two-year study. The lambs were first-crosses resulting from mating Suffolk, Hampshire, and Shropshire rams to Western ewes. The characters studied on the lambs at birth were weight, head width, head length and circumference at chine and shoulder points.

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Estimates of genetic and phenotypic parameters of weanling and yearling traits in range Rambouillet ewes. Animal Sci. Factors affecting productivity of Rambouillet ewes mated to ram lambs.

Algunos factores ambientales que afectan el peso al nacer y al destete de corderos Pelibuey. Influence of management system on litter size, lamb growth, and carcass characteristics in sheep. Genetics and Animal Breeding. Freeman and Company.

San Francisco, USA. Comparison of Rambouillet and Blackface crossbred ewes for early lamb production in Texas. Sheep and Goat, Wool and Mohair.

The Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. College Station Texas. Adjustment factors for day weaning weight in Rambouillet range lambs. Breed and environmental influences on weaner lamb production in Zimbabwe.

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Animal Hlth Prod. A description of growth, carcass and reproductive traits of Sabi sheep in Zimbabwe. Small Ruminant Res. Environmental and genetic factors influencing milk and growth traits of Awassi sheep in Cyprus. Heterosis and maternal effects.

Nutrient Requirements of Sheep.

Sixth revised edition. National Academic Press.

Washington, D. Crecimiento de corderos Rambouillet del nacimiento hasta los 6 meses en el altiplano Zacatecano. ALPA Mem. Environmental and maternal effects on early postnatal growth of lambs of different genotypes.

Small Rumin. Aumentos de peso en corderos de ovejas Rambouillet apareadas con sementales Suffolk, Hampshire y Rambouillet en el altiplano potosino. SAS Institute Inc. Lamb weights in some pure breeds and crosses.

Influence of breed, of suckling lambs, and stage of lactation on ewe milk production and lamb growth under range conditions. McGraw- Hill.

Interim agreement for peace and self-government in kosovo (rambouillet accord)

Relationships between ewe milk production and composition and preweaning lamb weight gain. The effects of breed and certain environmental factors on birth and weaning traits of range sheep. Milk intake and growth of Dorset lambs as affected by of lambs suckled, sex of lamb and milk yield of ewe.

Effects of sex, birth rearing, and age of dam on yearling crossbred progeny of Texel x Romney sheep. Dairy Sci. Effects of lambing season, sex and birth type on growth performance in Norduz lambs.

Full text How to cite this article. Key words: environmental factors, weight changes, confinement, sheep production.